A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Today I finally decided to try the other flavors of that Philly cream cheese dessert spread.  I have made several pops out of the milk chocolate flavor, and have really liked them (and the spread in general).  So I was curious to see how the other kinds tasted:

I blended equal parts of the cream cheese and milk, then poured my pop.  To be honest, my expectations were low.  This stuff tastes ok, but isn’t nearly as delicious as the milk chocolate version.  But the ice pop mixture smelled exactly like a Chick-fil-a vanilla milkshake, so I knew it would be at least decent tasting.

The finished pop exceeded my expectations.  It had no cream cheese flavor at all, but the flavor of white chocolate really did come through, even more than in the spread alone.  Still not as good as the milk chocolate flavor, but not bad, either.


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