A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Sorry I skipped yesterday’s pop. We have family in town, and I ended up too tired from hanging out with everyone to make an ice pop. But I’m back today.

Even better, my sister-in-law came bearing ice pop fodder gifts, in the form of really interesting tea from India:

What is tulsi, you ask?  Good question.  I didn’t know either.  Luckily, the package had some information:

In case you can’t read this, Tulsi is a kind of basil, known in India for its healing properties.


I brewed up a cup of tea and squeezed in a good tablespoon of honey, let it cool and poured my pops.  They turned out a very nice honey color (go figure).

These were by far my favorite of the tea-based ice pops I’ve made.  They were a little on the sweet side, but the honey gave them a nice consistency.  And the tea itself had just enough of the spice of ginger to make them interesting.  I didn’t really taste any flavor that I could identify as the tulsi, but still it was a really nice ice pop.  A second round of these might be just the thing we need when the temperature hits 104 degrees tomorrow.


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