A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Yesterday my sister-in-law (and secret mystery blogger) made these amazing strawberry shortcake push up pops, and in the course of making them ended up with a lot of leftover mini angel food cakes. I claimed them for my own to see how they’d work in an ice pop:

I was hoping that this cake, which was a little crusy, would maintain its own character in an ice pop, so I went with a contrasting base flavor, using my basic chocolate ice pop recipe and substituting a small splash of whipping cream for the half & half I usually use.

I tried to cram as much cake into each pop as I could, again in the hopes that it would retain its texture and flavor. Not that you can tell from looking at the finished pops:

And alas, despite my hopes to the contrary, the cake totally blended into the background on these popsicles. They weren’t bad, but the cake didn’t offer enough flavor or texture to really be worth a repeat try.


Comments on: "Day 184 — Chocolate Angel Food Cake Ice Pops" (2)

  1. Wonder what would happen if you froze the cake first, then put it in the pop?

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