A pop a day keeps boredom away!

The cold that ripped through my family a few weeks ago has now, unfortunately, started working its way through the extended family with whom we’re spending the week. My poor sister in law needs to be on a plane tomorrow morning, and both she and her toddler are coughing and congested. So I made a honey-based tea ice pop tonight to help them feel better.

For the tea, I used a hibiscus/mixed berry blend made by my other sister in law. It’s reminiscent of Celstial Seasoning’s line of Zinger teas, but much smoother and sweeter (none of the tartness that the Zingers usually have). I mixed in a generous tablespoon of honey to make sure the pop would have a nice consistency.

I don’t have the photos ready to post yet, but the pops came out a beautiful rose color. I didn’t eat one, but I hear that the honey flavor was predominant. From where I was sitting, it seemed like a nice, soothing pop (but I’ll have to check with my sister in law).

(I left my camera in the same room as my sleeping baby, so no photos right now. I will have to edit later).


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