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Day 150 — Chocolate Nougat Ice Pops

Since I crapped out on you all yesterday, I figured I should make today’s pop a good one. Plus, a comment reminded me that it’s been a long time since I made a candy-based pop, so:

The part of half & half in my basic chocolate popsicle recipe is being played by a tiny splash of whipping cream because I ran out of half & half.

I found the Three Musketeers bar in my pantry; a leftover from Halloween figure if it’s already been sitting there this long, nobody was going to eat it and it was fair game for ice pops. To go with it, I made the basic chocolate ice pop recipe, and added in a teaspoon of malted milk powder. Then I chopped up a little bit of the candy bar, and threw the pieces in as I poured.

This pop was very satisfying. The nougat froze to a texture highly reminiscent of tootsie rolls, which gave the pop a satisfying chew. And of course, you can never go wrong with a chocolate malt base. It was a nice break from all of the fruit-based pops I’ve been making lately (not that there’s anything wrong with fruit).


Day 60 — S’mores Ice Pops

My husband suggested a few days ago that I make a s’mores pop:

Milk, cream, Ovaltine, marshmallows, graham crackers

For this pop, I went with the basic chocolate ice pop recipe. Rather than try to mix in the marshmallows, I cut them in half and used a knife to stick the pieces directly to the sides of the Zoku’s molds. I had to dot a little of the base onto each one to make them stay.

I have a confession — although my ingredient shot shows graham crackers, I actually used girl scout cookies in these pops because it turned out that my graham crackers had gone stale. I crushed them into large-ish pieces rather than crumbs, because I wanted them really to stand out. I layered them in as I poured the base.

These pops turned out really cute. They tasted good, too. I don’t normally like marshmallow unless they’re either gluing rice krispies together or are well toasted, but they turn out nice in the Zoku. They become a lot less mushy when they freeze.

Overall, this pop was a hit. Well worth a try.

Day 56 — Double Chocolate Ice Pops

If there’s a downside to writing this blog, it’s that sometimes I really want to repeat a pop. Today, for instance, I really just wanted a good ol’ chocolate ice pop. Nothing fancy or special, just chocolatey goodness. But while I never promised that I’d do a new pop every day, I have a hard time not doing something at least slightly different. And so:

This totally counts as a new ice pop. Really. Can't you see the chocolate chips?

I used my basic chocolate recipe (3 oz milk, 3 oz half & half, 2 heaping spoonfuls of Ovaltine), but when I poured my pops, I paused to layer the base mixture with mini chocolate chips.

See? Completely different from anything I've done before.

I wish I could say I’m sorry for making such a cop-out pop today, but I’m not. I really needed that hit of creamy chocolate. The chips also did manage to change the nature of the pop significantly, adding texture and a little extra shot of flavor. Plus, while these were freezing, I ended up thinking of several much more imaginative ways I can make double chocolate ice pops in the future. So it’s all to the best.

Day 46 — Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ice Pops

Oh, y’all, I had so much fun making today’s pops! I’d been plotting them as a Valentine treat for days, so I was seriously bummed when my Zoku was temporarily out of commission yesterday.

But today everything was set, and so:

Frozen strawberries, chocolate, shortening. Not pictured: sugar and water

I started out making a strawberry puree. Since this was definitely meant to be a dessert pop, I added about a tablespoon of sugar to my cup or so of strawberries, plus about 1/4 cup of water to thin out the puree.

I poured the pops using my Valentine’s present from my wonderful husband. He noticed how much I liked my two-cup OXO measuring cup for pouring pops, so he got me two smaller ones so I don’t have to keep washing it out between layers of pops (they have these great pointy spouts that pour really neatly). I love that boy.

Better than any box of chocolates could be.

While the pops were freezing, I mixed up the chocolate. The Zoku blog has a recipe for a chocolate mixture that hardens when it gets cold, and I adapted it (I didn’t have the coconut oil the original recipe calls for, so I used shortening).

Once the pops were frozen, then the fun started. I dipped one on chocolate, I drizzeled one with a spoon, and I used a snipped-off sandwich bag to pipe designs on the third. They each turned out very different, but all really cute:

From left: drizzeled, dipped and piped.

I can’t even tell you how much fun I had decorating these pops, especially the one using the bag to pipe the chocolate on. I liked it so much that I doodled a little heart on my dipped pop.

I feel so artistic now.

The pops were almost as much fun to eat as they were to decorate. I ate the dipped one, and the mixture of chocolate and strawberry was all that I’d hoped it would be. The chocolate did tend to break off of the pop in sheets, but I expect that the drizzled and piped pops won’t have that problem.

Day 39 — Peanut Butter Cup Ice Pops

MMMMM. Today’s pop is so delicious, I can’t wait to share it with you! So let’s get started:

Basic chocolate pop ingredients, plus Reese's peanut butter cups.

I chopped up the PB cups and threw them into the molds as I poured the base. The finished pops were so very delicious:

You can't even see the little nuggets of yum, but they're in there!

I’d really like to make a peanut butter based pop at some point (this pop would be so good with a peanut butter base!), but I can’t quite figure out the logistics. To mix the peanut butter into a thin enough base, I’d need to melt it, but I think starting with a warm base would be difficult. If any of you all have ideas, I’d love to hear them! Maybe if I whip it really well…

In the meantime, I have a really cool pop brewing for tomorrow, so come back then!

Day 22 — Malted Milk Ball Ice Pops

After several days of concentrating on pretty pops, I decided today was a day for flat-out deliciousness. And the pop on the menu today filled the bill perfectly.

The ingredients:

Milk, cream, ovaltine, malted milk powder, Whoppers.

I think this is the most ingredients I’ve used in a pop so far, but it was well worth it. I made my basic chocolate pop base (2 oz each milk and half & half, plus a heaping spoonful and a half of Ovaltine). To that basic recipe, I added a heaping 1.5 spoonfuls of the malted milk powder. I also crushed up about 8 Whoppers:

Don't crush them up too much, you want them chunky.

This is the first time I’d tried to add candy to an ice pop, and figuring the best way to get it distributed took some trial and error. For the first pop, I put a heaping spoonful of the crushed-up Whoppers straight into the mold, poured the base until just under the fill line, then tried to spoon another batch of Whoppers in. I figured the candy would sink and (I hope) distribute itself throughout the pop. Turns out that Whoppers float, so they didn’t fall into the pop at all.  I had to poke them down with the spoon.

For the other two pops, I still spooned some candy directly into the molds first, but then I filled them only halfway, stopping to add a layer of Whoppers. Then I filled them most of the rest of the way and added a last layer of candy. From a distribution perspective, this was the better method.
You can make out the layers in the finished pops:

it took me almost a month to realize that Zoku sticks will stand on their own.

The pops were, as expected, delicious. I deliberately tried to add more candy to each then I thought they needed, and it was a good call. Every bite had at least one tiny nugget of malt ball, and it really made for a fun dessert. The candy didn’t melt or soak up the base; it remained crisp.

The only real problem with these pops was the cleanup. The Whoppers I had spooned into the bottom of the molds made quite a mess:

It took a handful of paper towels and a fair amount of elbow grease to clean all the malted milk crumbs out the molds (you cannot clean the frozen Zoku with water when it’s still frozen, for fairly obvious reasons).

I was so pleased with how well these turned out that I am currently plotting versions will different kinds of candy. I’d imagine a Reese’s pop would be amazing.

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