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Day 184 — Chocolate Angel Food Cake Ice Pops

Yesterday my sister-in-law (and secret mystery blogger) made these amazing strawberry shortcake push up pops, and in the course of making them ended up with a lot of leftover mini angel food cakes. I claimed them for my own to see how they’d work in an ice pop:

I was hoping that this cake, which was a little crusy, would maintain its own character in an ice pop, so I went with a contrasting base flavor, using my basic chocolate ice pop recipe and substituting a small splash of whipping cream for the half & half I usually use.

I tried to cram as much cake into each pop as I could, again in the hopes that it would retain its texture and flavor. Not that you can tell from looking at the finished pops:

And alas, despite my hopes to the contrary, the cake totally blended into the background on these popsicles. They weren’t bad, but the cake didn’t offer enough flavor or texture to really be worth a repeat try.


Day 178 — Dark Chocolate Ice Pops

Since I’ve made ice pops out of two of those Philly chocolate cream cheese flavors, I figured I might as well finish off the trio:

I’ll be honest, I tried the dark chocolate flavor with some Nilla Wafers, and I really didn’t like it. It was too aggressively bitter tasting. But I figured diluted with some milk, it stood a chance at being good.

I mixed about a tablespoon of the cream cheese with about 5 ounces of milk, which made enough for three ice pops.

In ice pop form, this stuff is indeed delicious. Rich without being too much and flavorful without being bitter, they were fun to eat. I’ll be they’d be fantastic with some of those Nilla Wafers crushed up into them. (Yay! New pop idea!)

Day 177 — White Chocolate Ice Pop

Today I finally decided to try the other flavors of that Philly cream cheese dessert spread.  I have made several pops out of the milk chocolate flavor, and have really liked them (and the spread in general).  So I was curious to see how the other kinds tasted:

I blended equal parts of the cream cheese and milk, then poured my pop.  To be honest, my expectations were low.  This stuff tastes ok, but isn’t nearly as delicious as the milk chocolate version.  But the ice pop mixture smelled exactly like a Chick-fil-a vanilla milkshake, so I knew it would be at least decent tasting.

The finished pop exceeded my expectations.  It had no cream cheese flavor at all, but the flavor of white chocolate really did come through, even more than in the spread alone.  Still not as good as the milk chocolate flavor, but not bad, either.

Day 170 — Chocolate Cheesecake Chunk Ice Pops

So, Father’s Day was this past weekend.  As I usually do, I showed my appreciation for The Husband and his dad (my wonderful, wonderful father-in-law) by feeding them.  A lot.  I made Eggs Benedict for breakfast, a gorgeous steak dinner (well, ok, Husband did the actual steak cooking.  I made the sides), and for dessert, brownie cheesecake bars.  As you’d imagine, these were both fantastic and fantastically rich, so we have a lot left over.  And what better way to use up leftover cheesecake than in an ice pop?

I mixed up a pop’s worth of the basic chocolate ice pop base, then pinched off little chunks of cheesecake to throw in the mold as I poured.  I made my chunks a little too big and they got stuck halfway down, so the pop had less cheesecake in it than I’d planned.  Still, there managed to be at least a little bit in every bite:

Given the ingredients involved, this one was pretty much a sure-fire winner.  I was pleased that the cheesecake chunks didn’t really freeze solid.  They remained creamy and a little chewy and really had a lot of impact in the pop.  I don’t think I’d ever make a cheesecake just to make these pops, but they’re a wonderful way to use up leftover desserts.

Day 169 — Chocolate Raspberry Ice Pops

I found my Ovaltine today, so I was able to make the chocolate raspberry ice pop I mentioned yesterday.

No ingredients shot, sorry. But I used the basic chocolate ice pop and dropped fresh raspberries into the molds before I poured. I figured that chocolate and raspberries are a great combination — at least, Raspberry Rockets are awesome. (if you don’t know, Raspberry Rockets are raspberries with chocolate chips tucked into the hole in the berry. I learned about them from Fix Me A Snack, and they’ve become a favorite treat in my house).

Anyway, the pops came out looking good:

Unfortunately, the ice pops didn’t taste as good as I’d hoped. The raspberries were a little too tart and the chocolate had a hard time standing up to them. I think the chocolate part of the ice pop needed to be stronger and richer to provide a better contrast to the fruit. I’ll have to figure out a darker chocolate recipe.

Day 150 — Chocolate Nougat Ice Pops

Since I crapped out on you all yesterday, I figured I should make today’s pop a good one. Plus, a comment reminded me that it’s been a long time since I made a candy-based pop, so:

The part of half & half in my basic chocolate popsicle recipe is being played by a tiny splash of whipping cream because I ran out of half & half.

I found the Three Musketeers bar in my pantry; a leftover from Halloween figure if it’s already been sitting there this long, nobody was going to eat it and it was fair game for ice pops. To go with it, I made the basic chocolate ice pop recipe, and added in a teaspoon of malted milk powder. Then I chopped up a little bit of the candy bar, and threw the pieces in as I poured.

This pop was very satisfying. The nougat froze to a texture highly reminiscent of tootsie rolls, which gave the pop a satisfying chew. And of course, you can never go wrong with a chocolate malt base. It was a nice break from all of the fruit-based pops I’ve been making lately (not that there’s anything wrong with fruit).

Day 141 — Chocolate Oreo Ice Pops

Today’s pop was inspired by Rachel’s comment on yesterday’s post. I really needed a good pop today after three straight days of duds, and she suggested chocolate pudding with mint and Oreos. It sounds terrific, and I have every intention of making that specific pop someday soon, but in the meantime, I couldn’t stop thinking about Oreos. So I decided to do a twist on Rachel’s idea and throw Oreos into my chocolate ice pop base recipe.

I crushed up two Oreos to make three ice pops, and made the pops by alternating small layers of the base with generous sprinkles of cookie pieces. You can clearly see the layers in the finished pops:

These were every bit as delicious as you’d expect them to be. Because the pops froze so quickly, the cookies stayed really crispy so the popsicle had great texture. And, of course, the combination of the two chocolate flavors was perfect. I’m glad I made three of these (and that the kids are asleep and can’t claim their share).

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