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The popmistress had a rough day, houseguests, three sick kids (two of hers, one houseguest) and an encroaching cold of her own. As a result, she went to bed early, and we decided to appoint ourselves the “MYSTERY GUEST BLOGGERS!!!”

After much hemming and hawing, several really bad ideas (and probably some good ones), the MYSTERY GUEST BLOGGERS!!! finally arrived at an ingredients list. The among the many discarded ingredients: peanut butter, vinegar, pickle juice, and pinto beans.

Here were the winners… (picture an Iron Chef style reveal)

Watermelon, Basil, Cucumber, Strawberry!

The MYSTERY GUEST BLOGGERS!!! didn’t want to risk waking any of the many sleeping children (or the popmistress herself), so it was decided no power implements could be used (i.e. a blender). Instead, improvisation ruled the day and a manual crushing system was derived.

You really have to get your hand inside the crusher cup to make it work…

Finally we fish out the cucumbers, really their essence is all we were looking for (plus they didn’t crush well).  The popmistress always adds a little sugar (for freezability?), so we did too.  About a teaspoon.

Then we took out the Zoku and the fun began!!! The mixture poured ok, though it was a little gloppy.

Now to wait.  Not really sure how long, in the meantime a couple kids woke up, a temperature or two was taken, medicine was delivered as appropriate, etc…

After what seemed like must certainly be enough time, the pops were pulled!

Overall, the pops were pretty darn tasty, fresh, clean, fruity.  The spiciness of the basil makes it more interesting than a simple fruit pop, and the combination of fresh, spicy and fruity flavors “makes you think of a garden scene while eating it.” (And who doesn’t need to to think of a garden scene with so many sick kids in the house?).  And oh yes, the cucumber actually comes through.

One pop for tasting, one pop so the popmistress can taste the inspired creation of tonight’s MYSTERY GUEST BLOGGERS!!!!

Until next time.

Sincerely yours,


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