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Day 36 — Dark Chocolate Nut Ice Pops

I love almond milk. It tastes great, and the unsweetened stuff I usually buy has a decent amount of nutrients for relatively little calories. So when I saw these single-serving boxes of almond milk in the store the other day, I decided to pick one up.:

Once I got home, I realized that this particular type of almond milk was not as much a drink and a dessert. There are 22 grams of sugar in one serving, which is more than I’m willing to pour into a glass, but fine split among three ice pops.

For interest and crunch, I chopped up some glazed nuts and threw them into the molds as I poured.

These tasted like a healthy indulgence. The texture was icy rather than creamy, with a nicely intense chocolate flavor. The nuts went perfectly with the icy “milk.” I like them enough that I am looking forward to trying them with the brand of almond milk I usually buy and sweeten with my own sugar. I think I can get away with reducing the sugar here significantly without sacrificing taste.

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