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Day 66 — Oreo Celebration Ice Pops

Did y’all know that today is the Oreo cookie’s 100th birthday? Well, it is, and even though I have already made a cookies & cream ice pop, I couldn’t let this momentous occasion pass without commemorating it. So:

Leftover vanilla pudding, Birthday Cake Oreos, milk to thin out the pudding.

In related news, I got a really fun delivery last week:

This books is full of all sorts of fun ideas, many of which I am way too lazy to execute on my own (their chocolate base recipe calls for actual cooking, and you all know how I feel about that level of ice pop premeditation). But I did get an idea for today’s pop from the book. Zoku’s Cookies & Cream Pop recipe calls for sticking an entire cookie (well, half a cookie, you need to twist them apart because the whole cookie is too thick) to the side of the mold before pouring the base. So that’s what I did. It made for a really striking looking pop:

I didn’t add any additional cookie pieces to the pops, because the cookies were actually there more for the visual than to be a flavor. But I love the way that these pops turned out. The cookies remained so clear, despite the fact that I dipped them into my pudding base to make sure they’d stick to the molds. And, of course, they tasted great. A fitting tribute for a classic dessert.


Day 65 — Banana Cream Pie Ice Pops

Today’s pop was a fun one to make and to eat:

Pudding mix, milk, grody overripe banana, cookies.

Banana cream pie is one of those desserts I didn’t “get” until I moved down south. Frankly, I hadn’t ever realized exactly what it was until I was down here — I always thought the custard itself was banana flavored, which, ew. But no, it’s vanilla custard layered with slices of banana, and it’s lovely.

To make the pop, I thinned out 1/2 cup of prepared vanilla pudding with 1/4 cup of milk. Then I used a knife to stick banana slices to the sides of the Zoku mold — I used as many as I could cram on, because I wanted this pop to be all about the banana. Finally, I tried to layer cookie crumbs into the pops as I poured (for the crust, of course). However, there was simply too much going on in these pops and no room for crumbs. I pressed a few into the bottoms of the pops (tops of the molds) instead.

They came out looking pretty good:

I like this shot-from-below angle. Makes my pops seem all large and intimidating. And who doesn't like being intimidated by their dessert?

To my surprise, the bananas did not freeze solid in these pops. Rather, they retained their soft and creamy consistency, which provided a nice contrast to the harder pudding. The overall effect was excellent. I’m calling this recipe a keeper.

Day 35 — “Inside Out” Cookies & Cream Ice Pops

Aside from ice pops, I am trying really hard to limit my sweets these days.  When I’m newly(ish) postpartum, it’s all too easy for me to snack on chocolate all day long.  That’s not good for me or the baby, so I’ve stopped buying chocolate.  As a result, all week I have been craving chocolate and heading to the pantry, only to find an empty corner where I usually keep my stash. And thought it’s intentionally empty, the fact that I don’t have any chocolate has been making me grouchy.

Tonight was particularly bad, so I made a chocolate ice pop in the hope that it would satisfy my craving. As usual, I wanted to make it a little interesting, so I enlisted my friends the Girl Scouts:

Does anyone know when/why they stopped calling these cookies "Trefoils?"

Making the pop was simple — about 1.5 ounces of pudding, .5 ounce of milk to thin it out for pouring, and one crushed-up trefoil. I only made one pop because (a) I suspect that my 3-year-old threw out one of my pop sticks, and (b) I currently have a backlog of uneaten pops in the freezer, leaving me with just one clean stick.

I can't figure out how I managed to make a lopsided pop.

The pop was delicious, but it did nothing to satisfy my chocolate craving. This particular craving is as much about texture as it is flavor, and even the best ice pop can’t replicate the mouthfeel of chocolate. Still, the pop was chocolatey, with a nice balance of creamy vs. crunchy. Plus, it left me too full to contemplate ransacking the pantry in the hopes that I’ll find a stray Halloween candy (preferably from 2011, but I’m not fancy.  Any year will do).  So I’m calling it a success.

Day 27 — Oreo Cheesecake Ice Pops

Cookies and cream is one of those classic flavors that’s a natural for ice pops. Frankly, the only reason I haven’t made them long before this is that I kept forgetting to buy Oreos.

I finally remembered to buy Oreos yesterday, so today was the day to give them a spin. I didn’t make plain cookies & cream, though — that will have to be another day. Instead, I used the leftover cheesecake pudding from the other day, thinned out with milk.

These pops were nice. I think a regular vanilla cream base would be better, and I’m looking forward to trying that out.

Day 16 — Zebra Pops

We were out of the house all day today, and that originally meant that I was going to do a plain juice pop. But we got home even later than I expected, and it turned out that I wouldn’t be able to make today’s pop until after the kids went to bed. This meant two things: first, I had about 40 minutes while rocking the baby down to think up an idea for today, and (2) in the absence of kids hanging over my shoulders, I could attempt a more involved pop than usual. And so, zebra pops (yes, it took me 40 minutes to think of chocolate and vanilla striped ice pops.  It was a long day).

The ingredients in these are simple: half vanilla pudding (leftover from Day 14 and thinned out with milk), and half the basic chocolate recipe. I was hoping to get a taste similar to the chocolate-vanilla swirl pudding pops I loved as a kid.

Chocolate. Vanilla. Simple.

Since I had a little time to concentrate, I decided to work on pouring stripes again and to try another slanty pop. My first pour was a disaster, leaving the edge of each mold coated in vanilla.

The mess was a little more obvious in person.

The spout on my chocolate cup is more precise, so the second layer was a little nicer.

For the third layer, I decided to try to pipe the pudding in using my turkey baster. That worked slightly better, until I tried to take a photo of me using it and accidentally spilled the vanilla all over my mold. Oops.

watch out, genius!

By the fourth layer, I had twigged that it was much easier to pour into the higher half of the mold and let the mixture flow down to the lower part. I have no idea why it took me so long to figure it out, but once I did the pops started getting a little neater.

Visually, the final product was cool, though imperfect:

Imperfection. Oh, the shame!

Same pop, other side, You can see the mess from the first pour.

I need to work on a couple of things before I can make truly beautiful striped pops. First, I need to figure out a neat pouring solution so I don’t end up with splashes everywhere. Second, I need to start measuring how much base I use in each layer, because when I eyeball it, I end up with wildly uneven layers.
Still, even though they weren’t neat, the finished pops were kind of striking:

A herd of zebras!

These tasted about as great as you’d imagine a chocolate/vanilla pop would taste. I’m trying to save the two leftover pops for the kids, but I might not make it. After all, there’ll be another pop tomorrow. And what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Right?

Day 14 — Blueberries & Cream Pudding Pops

One of the side-effects of keeping a blog to document my ice pop making efforts is that I tend to resist “plain” pops. Vanilla pudding pops may be delicious, but they sure don’t photograph well.

Still, I have small kids, one of whom has recently decided that vanilla is the best flavor out there. At some point, I was going to have to make the vanilla pudding ice pops I’d been promising, and today ended up being the day.

Of course, that didn’t meal all the pops needed to be plain vanilla.

One of these things is not like the others.

For breakfast this morning, I’d make pancakes with blueberry sauce, and I had a few tablespoons of the sauce left over. I decided to see if I could swirl that into the pudding to make the pops a little more interesting.

I don’t have an ingredients shot today, but I used instant vanilla pudding mix, milk and frozen blueberries cooked with a tiny splash of lemonade. Specifically, I used 1/2 cup of the prepared pudding, 2 additional ounces of milk and probably an ounce of blueberry sauce. I’d thought that the pop molds held 2 ounces each, but I still had a bunch left over (a smarter person than I am would maybe have noted exactly how much was leftover, but I didn’t. Maybe tomorrow).

Anyway, as I mixed the pops, I started getting excited. In the cup, the blueberries made a lovely swirl in the yellowish pudding. Alas, (1) I forgot to take a picture of it, and (2) the pretty swirl disappeared when I poured the pops and I ended up with semi-swirly purple pops:

Pretty, if not exactly the effect I was going for.

The pops tasted really good. The blueberries added a nice fruity flavor to the pudding without completely taking over. I have a feeling I’ll be trying this with other fruits as this project continues.

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