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PB & ChocolateSwirl Ice Pops

Looking through my archives, I see that I’ve made a couple of different versions of peanut butter and chocolate ice pops. Surprisingly, I hadn’t ever made one where I simply tried to mix peanut butter straight into a chocolate pop, so I decided to try it.

The ingredients: milk, half & half, Ovaltine (or the chocolate milk mix of your choice), peanut butter. I used the basic chocolate pop recipe (equal parts milk and 1/2 and 1/2, 3 spoonfuls of Ovaltine for 6 ounces of base). In a separate bowl, I warmed about a tablespoon of peanut butter in the microwave to make it runny. I poured the peanut butter into the chocolate mixture and stirred vigorously for a few moments — I wanted the peanut butter to be dispersed through the chocolate, but I still wanted chunks of it.

Pouring the pops made a big mess — the peanut butter wanted to stay at the bottom of the measuring cup and sometimes came out in a clump too big to fit into the Zoku. I just poked the clumps down the best I could with a chopstick and tried to fish out smaller bits of peanut butter to drop into the molds myself. The whole time, I questioned whether it was worth the effort.

It totally was. The chunks of peanut butter hardened but remained creamy and rich. It was so nice to find them studded throughout the pop. I’m glad I didn’t decide to sweeten the peanut butter; the chocolate base is plenty sweet enough to carry the pop.

I’ll update with photos as soon as I can get them off my camera.


Pop Stealing — Whipped Pineapple Ice Pops.

Ok, I had share this link because it looks so yummy. I need to do a grocery run before making my own, but since I didn’t think up the recipe I figured I should link to the original source anyway.

If you’ve been to Disney, you may have had a Dole Whip; soft-serve pineapple ice cream. While I’m not as devoted to it as many, it is a nice treat and an ice pop made with creamy pineapple just sounds delicious.  I’m a little worried that the mixture by the recipe in the link would be too chunky and/or too soft to freeze nicely in the Zoku, but the photos clearly show Zoku pops, so probably I”m wrong.  I will update after I have a chance to try this recipe myself.

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